The 3T Project

Building Local Communities to Take Action!

All over the world, YP-CDN members gather on the Third Thursday of each month to form 3T Groups.  

Members host regional gatherings that provide an opportunity for students and young professionals in cities throughout the world to share stories, network, and identify mutual opportunities for collaboration, in both local and global contexts, to tackle NCDs.

By connecting locally, YP-CDN achieves a powerful local-to-global model for action that harnesses the ideas, energy, and passion of students and young professionals to transform the way we develop effective NCD solutions.

Everyone is Welcome!

Anyone who is interested in NCDs is invited to participate in our 3T meetings.  New people join every month, and you never know who might show up at a meeting.  Past meetings have included students, people from the private sector, urban planners, architects, economists, professors, and even local politicians.  So what do you have to lose?  Join or start a 3T Group in your local area today!  We'll help get you started too!

Benefits from Participating

A lot can come out of participating in a 3T Group. You can obviously network, engaging in novel discussion, make new friends, write joint articles and blog entries, engage in local action projects, pair with other 3T Groups elsewhere in the world - it's completely up to you what you want to do, but we'll always be here to give you some direction if needed.

Find a 3T Group Near You!

Are you interested in joining a 3T Group?  Perhaps start your own?  Check out our Locations and Leaders page to see if there is one near you.  If not, get in touch with one of our Executive Team and we'll help you get started!

If you want to give any feedback, please click HERE.

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