NCD Action Network is a network that makes things happen.  We believe that together we can make a difference.  We are working on three projects currently and invite you to participate!


The 3T Project On the Third Thursday (3T) of each month, NCD Action Network members host regional gatherings around the world. A 3T meeting provides an opportunity for students and young professionals in cities and towns throughout the world to share stories, discuss common interests, and identify mutual opportunities for collaboration in both local and global contexts.

Our Stories - Stories are a powerful way we can share about where we have come from and what is important to us.  Through identifying our stories of self, stories of us, and stories of now, we can begin to shape the narrative of NCDs.  To share your story, please click here.


Conference Conversations - The information and insights presented at conferences are rarely shared with those unable to attend. NCD Action Network wants to change that. When members of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network or the NCD Action Network attend NCD conferences around the world we want to bring you the insights they are learning in real-time.


The Training Resources Project - We are currently working on developing a training resource database to assist young and interested individuals who want to learn more about NCDs.  If you have any resources you would like to share or are interested in finding them for yourself, click here.

The Values Project - Coming soon...

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