Get Involved!

By acting together - both globally and locally - we can stand up against this wave of 21st Century injustice.  Join YP-CDN, members just like you, from across the global and take action!

We're always keen to hear ideas emerging from within the network.  But for now, here are 7 simple ways for YOU to get involved. 

1.  Engage with YP-CDN

The YP-CDN website is intended as a social media platform for our members.  We encourage you to engage in dialogue about NCDs, befriend other members, tweet, blog, chat, share ideas - we ask that you spend a few minutes getting to know the site.  It is, after all, built completely for you!

By signing up, you are instantly connected to over 2,000 young professionals from over 120 countries.  Who knows where it could take you!

2.  Invite others

Why not INVITE your friends, colleagues, family members, whoever you like! to join the YP-CDN community.  Help spread the message, tell them about the issues of NCDs and get them engaged.

3.  Post a BLOG

The BLOG is our most prominent online feature!  We encourage various types of posts, but most important we want to hear YOUR VOICE!  What is your opinion on NCD-related issues?  What are you ideas for solutions?  Are you at a conference or lecture - why not BLOG about it!?

4.  Join (or start!) a 3T Group

3T Groups are what sets YP-CDN a part from any other NCD network.  Members meeting locally to discuss both local and global NCD issues is the backbone of our network.

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, YP-CDN members gather in person to engage in lively discussion on NCD issues.  To learn more, click HERE.

5.  Join our Facebook Group

Click HERE to join, network and engage in dialogue via our Facebook group!

6.  Join our Twitter Feed

Click HERE to follow, learn and share the most up-to-date information on NCD-related issues and activities.

7.  Tell us Your Story

The YP-CDN 'Stories Project' recognizes the power of narrative.  NCDs are a deeply personal fact for many people whether they experience them personally or have family members that do.  These are not just stories of struggle but also of success.  We want to know the stories and faces of NCDs. Click HERE to share a story of how NCDs have impacted you.

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