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YP-CDN Nairobi's role in Kenya's first Relay For Life

The inaugural Relay For Life Kenya ( was held on June 15th, 2014 in Nairobi. The goal of the Relay was to raise Ksh.300 million for treatment of at least 20 adults and 10 pediatric cancer patients from each of the 47 counties in Kenya. The event was preceded by a dinner at the Serena Hotel where the President of the Relay For Life, Shannon Rogers, addressed those in attendance. Various stakeholders…


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Chronic Disease Gout and Erectile dysfunction


Gout is a disorder that more prevalent in men, than women, because men have higher uric acid levels in their bloodstream. When the body breaks down a chemical called “purines,” the result is uric acid. Purines are naturally formed in the body and in certain meats and other foods that we eat. Normally, uric acid dissolves and goes into the kidney via urine. If the body is producing too much uric acid, it will build up, creating sharp urate crystals, that resemble needles.…


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A People's Movement Against Chronic Disease

Image: East Africa NCD Alliance Initiative Planning Committee at Uganda NCD Alliance Headquarters, Kampala, Uganda.

Posted today on the PLOS Translational Global Health blog: Click …


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WHO announces Commission to Ending Childhood Obesity

Dear Young Professionals,

The most comprehensive global study ever undertaken for obesity was just released and the need for serious population-wide action is no longer up for debate. The study’s key findings make for grim reading – not a single country saw a decline in obesity over the past 30 years.

Instead, between 1980 and 2013, the prevalence of global overweight and obesity increased by 27.5% among adults. What…


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Trade Agreements and their Public Health Implications

Dear Young Professionals,

Trade agreements are being used to “handcuff governments” over health policy, Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organisation said at its assembly. This was “disturbing” she went on, adding that trade agreements have many consequences for health.

A nation’s health can be benefited by such deals, whether by increasing…


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Reflections from my first experience of a World Health Assembly

Dear Young Professionals,

I wanted to share with you my first experience of a World Health Assembly and some of the key events and discussions that went on in relation to NCDs and obesity. As this was my first trip to Geneva for a WHA I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I am a Public Health Nutritionist interested in the prevention of obesity and NCDs so it promised to provide a number of interesting discussions, and it thankfully it did not disappoint. 



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NCDs and Trade

Dear Young Professionals,

Please check out what Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director General, said in her opening address at the 67th World Health Assembly:


"International trade has many consequences for health, both positive and negative. One…


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Simple & Cost-Effective Action for Sitting People Health

Dear Young Professionals,

70 years but young in science – I defended my PhD thesis only four years ago I am pleased to be member of YP-CDN. Text below is translation of my Estonian Development Fund Grant Proposal competition everyone can vote for action proposed by me (!).

Here I discuss NCDs and Sedentary…


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Forget the Epidemiological Transition, Its All About Rate of Change

Dear Young Professionals,

We all know about the epidemiological transition. The term ‘transition’ implies the act of passing from one state to the next. I think this is not helpful in today’s NCD climate. There is an overlap now as we all know, the so-called ‘double burden’.


The main…


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America the Unhealthy

Dear Young Professionals,

Like thousands of other Americans, I too sat in a living room with friends during a commercial break of the Super Bowl, filled with outrage as I watched Coca-Cola’s $4 million “America Is Beautiful” ad. But unlike others, it was not the diversity displayed or the recognition that America is a country of immigrants- both old and new- that bothered me. From a marketing and communications standpoint, the ad was in fact brilliant in its targeted marketing…


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Why Aren’t Non-Communicable Diseases Sexier?

Dear Young Professionals,

What image pops into your head when you hear the words: Non-Communicable Diseases?

Does it grab you in the same way, say, HIV or Malaria might?  How does it make you feel inside…?  Are you picturing some fat, lazy, middle-aged white guy nursing a beer on the couch? 

I don’t imagine that guy.  I’m haunted by the shadowy outline of the world’s number one serial killer, usually dressed in advertising...  …


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Student Opinion on Hot Issues

Dear Young Professionals,

I write to you with grassy-gravel digging into my backside and a 'People-Mover' tyre caressing my back. Our young team from the WHO are asking directions to our bug-filled cabins in rural Wangaratta, Victoria (Australia).

We have been on the road for weeks – interviewing 1000+ kids for their eating and activity habits as part of an ambitious Victorian investigation into childhood obesity. One thing that had me excited about this…


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“NCDFREE” – A Night to Remember and Act On!

I know, this sounds like a horrific title. But trust me, this is how I felt. Initially when the NCD Action was first taking shape all we wanted to do was having a social movement and NCDFREE is and was a social movement. Being an YP and a part of the NCD…


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Vote for Grand Challenges Canada video submission by Duncan Matheka

Duncan Matheka is a young health professional from the University of Nairobi (Kenya). He is also the African Delegate of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YPCDN) and coordinates the Kenyan chapters of YPCDN. He has led medical students and young professionals in research and community health promotion projects towards preventing and mitigating NCDs.…


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Progress on healthy food policies under the microscope

The escalating obesity epidemic has led an international group of nutrition researchers to focus on measuring how much progress countries are making in implementing healthy food policies.

caption:Professor Boyd Swinburn
Professor Boyd Swinburn

“No country has reversed the obesity epidemic, in part because widely-recommended…


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Dhaka New Super Market is declared smoke free: Joint effort by shop owners association, BATA & WBB Trust

Dhaka New Super Market (South) has been declared smoke free today. It is one of famous markets in the capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. An oath was initiated by participants following an awareness-raising campaign on the health hazards of smoking &…


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Protect public health from tobacco company’s sneaky tactics: Expert consensus at workshop on FCTC Article 5.3

Tobacco is directly involved in the mass demise of public health; ethically no government official or policy maker should attend programs sponsored by tobacco companies (TC). But government officials and policy makers are often participating in TC programs. It is unethical and a clear violation of a binding international treaty - Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). A call was made to the Government, media & anti tobacco organizations to protect public health from these death…


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A New Narrative: Rebranding Disease to Launch Global Change

~ By Allesandro R DeMaio. This blog post is originally from The Conversation. It is re-posted here with the permission of the Author.

A little over a year ago, a group of young people – connected by a passion for addressing the leading cause of global deaths – had an idea. Re-brand the way we perceive a group of conditions, and the narrative we collectively conjure…


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Young People and NCDs: Harnessing the Culture of Technology

On 2 July 2013, NCD Child released their latest issues paper, ‘Young People and NCDs: Harnessing the Culture of Technology”. The paper was launched in the margins of the 2013 UN Economic and Social Council's annual meeting, held in Palais des Nations, Geneva this year. The Roundtable, organised jointly by ITU and IFPMA focused on 'Mobile Worlds, Mobile Actions -mHealth: The Opportunity for NCDs'.…


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Tobacco companies should be punished for illegal advertising and promotion, speakers demanded at BATA roundtable on WNTD

Tobacco companies are placing illegal advertisements and promotions targeting children and youth despite this being a punishable offence under Bangladeshi law. Tobacco company propaganda directed through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns is also banned due to its negative influence on policy-makers and the public. Point-of-sale advertising and promotion is also banned. No tobacco company or shop owner is permitted to show any ads, signs or symbols representing tobacco. In…


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