NCD Prevention:Demand of High tax on unsafe foods

NCD Prevention:Demand of High tax on unsafe foods

Some NGOs demanded high tax on hurtful food items as fast foods and junk foods, soft drinks, energy drinks, canned juice etc. for control and prevention of non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetics, heart attack and high blood pressure. WBB Trust, Protyasha Anti-Drugs club, Green Mind Society, Serac Bangladesh, and Arunodoyer Tarun Dal jointly made the demand from a demonstration in front of The Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka at 11.00 AM today. 

The speakers said, smoking and drugs, fast foods and junk foods, soft drinks and energy drinks as well as canned juice are available in market and companies advertise these products to attract youth and children. These foods are harmful for health. As a result, children and youth are also being infected by many non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetics, obesity, and depression. So, advertisements for such products are to be banned. 

People should be introduced with drinking fresh safe water, juice of green coconut, lemon and wood-apple etc. instead of soft drinks and energy drinks as well as canned juice. Besides, parents should be careful about giving fresh fruits to their children. People should consume more and more vegetables instead of deep-fry, high fat foods and fast foods etc, they added. 

The speakers also said, harmful food habit is responsible for non-communicable diseases which to be given up. For this mass media and government should step forward to campaign on these issues. Healthy society requires healthy people. High tax should be imposed on fast foods and junk foods, soft drinks and energy drinks as well as canned juice and advertisements of such products should be banned to keep people healthy. In addition, people should build healthy body; do physical exercise as well as games and sports. Allocation should be made in the budget for prevention of non-communicable diseases and eating fruits and vegetables. Strict action should be undertaken to motivate people for physical labor and taking foods accordingly and to protect chemical food adulteration. Recommendation was also made to sanction allocation for production of chemical free fresh fruits and framing action plan for farmers and hawkers for comprehensive manufacturing of these products.

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Comment by Syeda Anonna Rahman on June 25, 2012 at 9:24

I thinks it will be Terrific precedent for Bangladesh to introduce this type of tax.

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