Sports should be freed from smoking and Tobacco Ads

Sports should be freed from smoking and Tobacco Ads


Necessary steps should be taken to make sports, media of physical exercise and mental flourishing smoke-free as per tobacco control law. Speakers today said as above at a seminar jointly organized by Protyasha and WBB Trust at auditorium of National Sports Council (NSC) adjacent to Bangabandhu Stadium. M Mostafa Zaman, National Professional Officer (NPO) of WHO was present as chief guest and renowned sports commentator and Sports Advisor of ATN Bangla Dr. Anupam Hossain while Al-haz Liakot Ali, President of Protyasha was in the chair. The key note was presented by Professor Md. Abdus Shahid, renowned surgeon and former physicist of Holy Family Medical College and Hospital.


The program was convened by Aminul Islam Sujon, Project Coordinator of WBB Trust and addressed by Md. Nazrul Islam, General Secretary of Bangladesh Body Building Federation, Sunny Mahtab, Vice-president of Dhaka Wanderers Club, A M Muhidul Islam Dadavai, Vice-President of National Non-Smokers Forum and National Cycling Federation, Tarikuzzaman, Assistant Director of Sports Department and former member of National Cricket Team Mehrab Hossasin Opi.


M Mostafa Zaman said the covered places of national sports council should be smoke-free as per the existing law. Stadiums should be kept smoke-free and monitored so that none can smoke and its premises. No smoking sign should be installed at all stadiums.


Dr. Anupam Hossain said ATN Bangla is media partner of 17 federations. We will assist making those federations smoke-free. We will also telecast any video documentary by famous sports personality on tobacco use.


Dr. Abdus Shahid said people are marching towards death for smoking and tobacco use. It kills 57, 000 people per year. Passive smoking also leads people to death. So, sports ground should be made smoke-free to save the non-smokers.


Speakers said tobacco companies conduct many campaign to lure youth and adolescents to smoking and tobacco use. They have the possibility of continuing consumption for a long time. In order to attract youth and adolescents they give ads to many sports events and musical shows. World Health Organization (WHO) started awareness campaign on “Smoke-free Sports” to make youth aware of smoking impacts. Its theme was “Tobacco Free Youth”.


Presenting international experiences they said developed countries declared all sports ground smoke-free. FIFA declared World Cup Football smoke-free in 2002, 2006, 2010. Olympic, the largest sport event was also smoke-free. In addition, all sports events including SAF Games are smoke-free. As part of it World Cup Cricket-2011 was also declared smoke-free.


The speakers urged on making all sports grounds smoke-free, taking steps to keep players tobacco free, installing ‘No Smoking Signs’ inside and out of entrance of playgrounds, ban on lighter and match box inside playgrounds, and taking strict actions to stop all kinds of tobacco ads in any sector of sports.


Helal Ahmed, Secretary General of Protyasha Anti-Drugs Club, Syed Mahbubul Alam, Director of WBB Trust, Md. Enayet Ali, General Secretary of Bangladesh Judo Federation, Mohammad Ali, of Bangladesh Handball Federation, Md. Sajjad Hossain Santo of Bangladesh Child Welfare Foundation, Manuel Sarkar of Ivy Foundation, Enam Ahmed of Jalalabad Foundation, and Bahrul Alam and Khaled Abdullah both members of Bangladesh Body Building Federation were present in the function.


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